About how to interact with Mongo and Spark Streaming using scala

Hi, these last days i was working developing a solution related with MongoDb, Twitter4j, spark streaming and machine learning (kmeans) using scala. The project needs sbt to build it, and it is the continuation of the previous project related with cassandra, spark streaming and machine learning with scala, so if you want that sbt test works, […]

About how to interact with Cassandra using scala

Hi again, finally i learned how to interact with a Cassandra Server using scala. I am learning this language in order to write efficient code in order to interact with Apache Spark and another big data tools, like Cassandra, Kafka, Flume, machine learning algorithms and so many others. The most impatient can download the project […]

About modeling a schema with Cassandra

I am following a course from datastax in order to have a better understand dealing with Cassandra. This is a very useful introduction. Useful links https://aironman2k.wordpress.com/2015/09/23/primeros-pasos-con-cassandra/ https://aironman2k.wordpress.com/2015/09/28/primeros-pasos-con-cassandra-y-java/ https://aironman2k.wordpress.com/2015/10/05/about-how-to-start-with-apache-spark-apache-cassandra-scala-and-maven/ View story at Medium.com https://cassandra.apache.org/doc/cql3/CQL.html Advanced Time Series with Cassandra http://wiki.apache.org/cassandra/DataModel Basic Rules of Cassandra Data Modeling

About Brewer theorem or CAP theorem

Disclaimer, i am using this text from wikipedia in order to get things clear in my head 🙂 Please, read and understand the cap theorem: from the bless wikipedia: In theoretical computer science, the CAP theorem, also known as Brewer’s theorem, states that it is impossible for a distributed computer system to simultaneously provide all three of the following guarantees:[1][2][3] […]