Playing with Word2Vec, my cv, spark and scala

Hi,i just have to play and learn how to use this algorithm provided by spark-ml to do some feature extractions from some text using Google`s Word2Vec algorithm, i mean, why not to use my actual cv? Before that, probably you will have to convert the pdf file to text file. Actually i am working with […]

About how to parallelize multiple Machine Learning Algorithm using a pipeline with spark.

You basically need to make a Pipeline and build a ParamGrid with different algorithms as stages.  Here is an simple example: val dt = new DecisionTreeClassifier() .setLabelCol(“label”) .setFeaturesCol(“features”) val lr = new LogisticRegression() .setLabelCol(“label”) .setFeaturesCol(“features”) val pipeline = new Pipeline() val paramGrid = new ParamGridBuilder() .addGrid(pipeline.stages, Array(Array[PipelineStage](dt), Array[PipelineStage](lr))) val cv = new CrossValidator() .setEstimator(pipeline) .setEstimatorParamMaps(paramGrid) […]

About how to create a table in Hive using a data frame

Hi everyone, as usual, I put here a recipe to create fast a table in Hive using the data from a  data frame. I am using a spark-shell connected to a development cluster, cloudera version is cdh5.5.2, so, according to this official cloudera site, hive version is 1.1.0. It should be important when I have […]