This is an internal post of mine, to remember things I have to finish, tabs open for a long time in Safari, things like that.

Bonus track, some useful resources.

(Daniel`scala course. Basic.)

(Files from the Bret k8s course. Forked)

(how to install new features in k8s)

(how to write well k8s yaml files. A parser.)

(Jacek´s book)

(Brett´s k8s Udemy course)

Docker security concerns

Machine learning CI/CD

Gestión de la configuración nativa de Kubernetes/Kubernetes native configuration management

Calcular el coste de Kubernetes en distintas nubes/Calculate the cost of Kubernetes on different clouds

The package manager for Kubernetes

// Install packages in k8s

// Run this pod before of running every next commands.

kubectl run my-kafka-client --restart='Never' --image --namespace default --command -- sleep infinity

// run this in a terminal tab.
kubectl exec --tty -i my-kafka-client --namespace default -- bash --broker-list --topic test

// run these two commands in another terminal tab
kubectl exec --tty -i my-kafka-client --namespace default -- bash --bootstrap-server my-kafka.default.svc.cluster.local:9092 --topic test --from-beginning

// Useful Docker plugins

// Docker rootless mode

// Deploying Compose Docker files with Helm. Best of both worlds

// CI/CD with Docker

// Best practices writing Dockerfiles

// AppArmor


Do you have to invert a binary tree? 🙂 yea, I know it, typical question in interviews, basically you have to use an ORDER BY DESC over an indexed column, or use a COMPARATOR with inverse order over a indexed column. Thanks Vlad Mihalcea. I hate this kind of questions too


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