Recently I’ve been playing with this api and wanted to share with you a GitHub repository with the resulting code. The code is quite explanatory and I will update it with more unit tests.

Postdata 1
How good it was for me to learn scala before knowing the functional style in java.

Postdata 2
At first I threw these lines of code directly against a jshell of java10, taking advantage that now I can switch to java virtual machine will thanks to jenv. I put the resulting code in a project with a class with a main and uploaded it to GitHub, until a friend who I appreciate a lot but is a toothache reminded me to follow the precepts of clean code, test oriented development, so I finally created a project maven with unit tests and test files included in the project.

Postdata 3

Added more tests in order to figure out something useful of primitiva and euromillions lottery.

Postdata 4

Added a docker image, aironman/mystreamjava8, to

Have fun and take care.



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