I like science in general, and space technologies, so it was clear that my first step is to use the latest know how, https://aironman2k.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/about-web-sockets-and-how-to-use-it-in-order-to-get-real-time-data/ in order to know where the International Space Station is.

The idea is simple, i need to feed a rabbitmq server with stomp support with the json provided by an application server which is running a web service and then the client needs to subscribe to a specific topic in order to print the data. The code is quite simple, so feel free to download it and share.

If you are asking that this project is too similar with the latest one, well, yes, it is similar, the difference is this web service is behind a secure socket layer, so we need to do import the cert file into our j2ee application server.

Please read mkyong for the details, it is very important because you can avoid Man in the middle attacks or at least minimize the possible problem.


The code is located in https://github.com/alonsoir/whereisISS


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