About how to use docker to create a spark cluster

Recently, I made a fork of a project, thanks Marcos, in GitHub that allows to create a spark cluster using Docker, that is to say, it is specially indicated if you have a great machine to your disposition, of those of several cores, a lot of RAM memory and a lot of hard disk. I […]

About idempotent operations.

Mental note about an important concept, a number is idempotent if such a number by multiplying itself successive times gives itself, that is the formal, mathematical explanation. By now, an idempotent operation should be treated like numbers. Basically, we need this numbers to identify an event in a distributed system. Applied to message brokers, an […]

Acerca de como mejorar el rendimiento de las aplicaciones backend usando capacidades multihilo y paralelismo

Recientemente he estado programando con la api stream que apareció con la api java8 para divertirme, aprender algo y mantener la forma, debido a que llevo un tiempo en una baja médica. El programa consiste en tratar con colecciones de números usando diferentes estructuras, como LinkedHashMap, Hashset, Set, etc… La idea era poder mostrar una […]