About a simple spring quartz app

I have uploaded a container with a micro service in dockerhub, the first one, you always have to start with one 🙂 . It’s a microservice or more like a dumb test service that is in charge of consuming periodically, every 5 seconds, an api with the current bitcoin quote, the json is saved in an […]

About how to set up context path in a spring-boot application

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, for lack of time, but I think it’s necessary to remind myself that you can configure the context path of a web application in a very simple way when you build the application. java -jar app.jar –server.servlet.context-path=/my-custom-context-path There are more ways to do this programmatically or via […]

About microservices using choreography

Lately I’m on medical leave and while I’m recovering I’m learning about microservice architecture, the cool way to have a distributed service architecture that allows us to scale service instances to work properly in case we have a business of hundreds of thousands or billions of concurrent users, such as those who have Facebook, google, […]

Playing with Word2Vec, my cv, spark and scala

Hi,i just have to play and learn how to use this algorithm provided by spark-ml to do some feature extractions from some text using Google`s Word2Vec algorithm, i mean, why not to use my actual cv? Before that, probably you will have to convert the pdf file to text file. Actually i am working with […]